2017 AER Style Acoustic Amp with DC Power 60W


2017 AER Style Acoustic Amp with DC Power 60W

Product No.:AC-60N

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Front side:
1. input(ch.1): signal input, socket for 6.3mm mono jackplug.
2. high/low: input sensitivity switch, attenuator. 
3. clip: overload indicator.
4. gain: input level control.
5. colour: tone colour filter activation switch. 
6. bass: bass frequency level control.
7. middle: middle trequency level control.
8. treble: treble frequency level control.
9. input(ch.2): signal input, combo-socket for 6.3mm mono jackplug and XLR-connectors.
10. line/mic: signal source selector switch: line(only via jackplug) for instruments (pickup) and other line level sources, mic(only via XLR-connector) for microphones.
11. pan: effect signal distribution control.
12. selector: effect select switch.
13. level: level control internal effect.
14. power: on/off status indicator.
15. master: master level control.
Rear side:
1. Line out: The line out supplies a pre-amp signal taken after tone-control, effects and master for forwarding to other appliances.
2. Headphones: This output enables you to connect stereo head phones and mutes the loudspeaker. 
!!!Warning: Only use headphones with stereo jackplugs in this output socket!!!
3. Send: Send is an output to connect to an external effect device and in conjunction with return (input) forms a loop here designed as external effect loop. The effect can be switched on or off via footswitch.
4. Return: Return as part of the effect loop operates as signal input an external effect device (output of the effect device). The effect can be switched on or off via footswitch. Return on its own can also be used as quasi auxiliary signal input (-10 dbV).
5. Tuner: The tuner output supplies a pre-master signal (-9 dbV) to connect an external tuner to the Choir T60.
6. Footswitch: Connection socket for a double-footswitch (on-/ off-switch, tip = internal effect/ring = external effect on/off ).
7. DI-out: Preamp-output with symmetrical signal, after tone- control, pre master, without effects.
8. Power on: Combined mains switch with mains socket and fuse holder.

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