100 watts into 8 ohms


100 watts into 8 ohms

Product No.:GR-6200

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Model Name: GR-6200 (Engl510 Style)
Type: All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head
Power Output: 100 watts into 8 ohms
Tube Complement: 2*6550; 6*12AX7
Channels: Four Selectable Channles (Clean , Crunch1 , Crunch2 , Lead)
Features: Presence, Depth Boost,Bright
Controls: Four Channles the same Controls: Gain,Bass,Middle,Treble,Volume
Dimensions: 71*26.6*27(cm)
Weight: 22.8Kg
Footswitch: Uses Optional 3-Button Footswitch for Channel Choice

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