Mesa Boogie Rectifier Mini Style


Mesa Boogie Rectifier Mini Style

Product No.:G-22

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Tube Guitar Amp(Mini Mesa Boogie Rectifier Style):
1. Channel 1 Controls: Master,Presence,Bass,Mid,Treble,Gain,Clean/Pushed sound change
2. Channel 2 Controls: Master,Presence,Bass,Mid,Treble,Gain,Vintage/Modern sound change
3. FX Loop: Send,Return (FX Loop/Hard Bypass change switch)
4. 8Ohm,4Ohm Speaker Output
5. Tube Complement: 2*EL84; 5*12AX7
6. Output: 25Watts/10Watts

Dimension: 39.5x19x21cm
Weight: 8.2kgs

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