DSP Guitar with Battery 15W


DSP Guitar with Battery 15W

Product No.:GJ-15

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Item: DSP amp with battery 15W
Model: GJ-15
Power: 15W
Speaker: 8"Dimension: 36cm*20cm*33cm
N.W.: 6.5kgs
Functions:  Input, gain, volume, 3 brand EQ, master 11 amp model, TAP, tuner, 3 preset mode 4 efx model (chorus, flanger, pharse, tremolo), delay, echo, room, hall, phones, aux in, DC input.
Full tonal controls for different playing styles - EQ controls, effects and modulations controls!
11 in-built Amp Simulations! Cover every genre of music from Acoustic, Jazz to Heavy Metal! Get creative right now. 
4 effects modulations + Delay & Reverb to have a bigger sound! Inbuilt tuner to make sure you sound right. Memory banks to safe your favourite settings and call them back anytime! 
Line out for headphones/mixer and also an Aux In input to jam with your favourite tunes! 

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